The Identity Lab at Illinois (IL@IL) was founded in the June 2020. Faculty and students from the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign agreed that, although there were plenty of outlets in which to share current work, there was a need for a more collaborative space, in which to have substantive discussions and develop new research ideas.

For each biweekly meeting, lab members nominate up to two readings they are interested in discussing. Once all nominations are gathered, lab members vote for their top three choices, with the top two vote-getters chosen for discussion. Both nominations and voting are done anonymously to avoid any deference being inadvertently paid to faculty preferences.

Our lab meetings are informal, although we aim to devote roughly half of each meeting to each of the two selected readings. When discussing each reading, we make a point of focusing on what additional questions it inspires, with an eye towards what future contributions lab members could make to a given line of research, whether individually or in collaboration with one another.

Selected readings:

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